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Washington, D.C., Legal Ethics Lawyer

A Professional Responsibility Attorney for D.C. Area, Nationwide and International Clients

Today's lawyers are increasingly conscious of the need for risk management and loss prevention to avoid legal malpractice claims and disciplinary action for alleged ethics violations. Proactively seeking independent counsel can go a long way toward accomplishing those goals. When claims do arise, it can be essential to work with an attorney able to untangle the complexities and provide credible advice or testimony on applicable standards of care.

Applying more than 30 years of experience, much of that as in-house counsel on conflicts of interest and other professional responsibility issues in a large international law firm, Washington, D.C., legal ethics attorney George R. Clark provides an invaluable combination of inside knowledge and fresh, balanced perspective to his clients.

Informed, Trustworthy Guidance for Law Firms and Individual Lawyers

Whether you need an advisor eminently qualified to evaluate a potential conflict of interest or an expert witness prepared to validate your position in a legal malpractice case, disqualification matter or disciplinary proceeding, George R. Clark is a proven resource. His independence as a sole practitioner since 2004 and his widespread reputation for integrity are important assets supporting his extensive knowledge gained through decades of focus on ethics issues in the practice of law.

Mr. Clark's established capabilities and strengths include:

  • Situational and ongoing advisory services for attorneys and law firms seeking to avoid or effectively resolve conflicts of interest
  • Advice and counsel on a range of other professional responsibility and ethics issues affecting lawyers and law firms
  • Analysis, guidance and expert witness testimony for legal malpractice defense, informed by extensive knowledge of standards of care
  • Evaluation of client intake and contact systems for their risk management and loss prevention effectiveness and adherence to legal malpractice insurance underwriting requirements
  • Counsel and representation for law firms making lateral hiring decisions and individual lawyers changing firms
  • Counsel on complex ethics and regulatory issues, including conflicts of interest, that arise for U.S. law firms engaged in international legal practice

If your situation calls for an in-depth understanding of how law firms function internally as well as applicable standards of care and other attorney ethics issues, you can turn to George R. Clark with confidence.


George R. Clark, Esq.
910 17th Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202-331-3200
Fax: 202-331-2100
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