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George R. Clark

Washington, D.C., Attorney Ethics Lawyer

A law firm evaluating its own actions, decisions, risks and internal systems may have many reasons to seek outside counsel. Similarly, any individual attorney may face ethics decisions and challenges that put his or her professional future on the line.

Many lawyers and firms turn to George R. Clark because of their own contact with him through professional associations, or on referral from others he has helped in the past. They value his direct, extensive experience as a trial lawyer and the inside knowledge he gained through more than 30 years with a renowned international law firm.

In-Depth Analysis and Proven Counsel on Matters of Professional Responsibility

Those who hire George R. Clark work directly and exclusively with him to devise a strategy aligned with their unique situation and goals. His body of work demonstrates a broad, balanced perspective on the intersection between attorney ethics and the pressures inherent to the modern business of law. Mr. Clark's areas of focus include:

  • Counsel for law firms and attorneys who are facing real or potential conflicts of interest, allegations of legal malpractice or breach of fiduciary duty, or important decisions involving their international legal practice
  • Expert witness engagements, primarily to address issues involving the applicable standard of care and whether it was met under the specific circumstances of a case
  • Risk management and loss prevention for law firms
  • Advisory services for trial lawyers, including supplying affidavits to address motions for disqualification, summary judgment motions and fee requests

George R. Clark has consulted with and represented clients in more than 25 U.S. states and various international locations. He stays on top of current issues, developments and precedents involving professional ethics and the "law of lawyering" through his global practice and participation in organizations such as the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL). He has served as chairman of the District of Columbia Bar Rules of Professional Conduct Review Committee since 2009.

A Well-Earned Reputation for Knowledge, Integrity and Discretion

Mr. Clark maintains his office in the historic center of the Washington, D.C., legal community, one-half block from Connecticut and K Street. He frequently travels nationally and internationally for on-site work with his clients, but this office is a highly accessible meeting location for clients who want face-to-face interaction and counsel without sacrificing discretion.

Law firms can lose the protection of the attorney-client privilege for their internal discussions about ethics matters unless they follow proper procedures. Bringing in outside counsel is an effective way to maintain that privilege.

To arrange a consultation, contact Mr. Clark by telephone or e-mail.


George R. Clark, Esq.
910 17th Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202-331-3200
Fax: 202-331-2100
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