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International Legal Practice/Conflicts of Interest

International Legal Counsel for Risk Prevention

Global expansion has become a key business priority for many U.S. law firms, and the challenges that come with acquiring a local firm or establishing an overseas office extend well beyond economics and basic cultural differences. Firms expanding to the U.K., other European countries and elsewhere face an array of complex questions across the spectrum of conflicts of interests, transactions and client representation.

Washington, D.C.-based attorney George R. Clark's knowledge of legal ethics, professional responsibility and risk prevention for law firms crosses oceans and international boundaries. He knows from hands-on experience that the pressures to develop overseas business and show a profit can come into conflict with the need for due diligence and analysis.

Experienced, Informed Guidance for Your Overseas Law Practice

Leveraging more than 30 years of experience as a litigator in his own right and a widely acknowledged legal ethics analyst and educator, Mr. Clark advises law firms on many issues in international legal practice including:

  • Risk management and loss prevention through avoidance of conflicts of interest and international legal malpractice claims
  • Determination of which professional responsibility rules and standards govern transactions
  • Application of the principles of deontology to inform pivotal decisions and demonstrate a given action's adherence to the relevant rule of law
  • Overcoming restrictions that may pertain specifically to U.S. and other foreign law firms

Historically, international legal ethics were the near-exclusive domain of a few law professors and attorneys serving on ethics committees for extremely large U.S. firms. Today the necessity of complying with country-specific laws and regulations is a pivotal matter that influences the success and sustainability of many offshore initiatives.

To discuss your firm's global expansion initiatives or pivotal questions and concerns that have arisen in your overseas practice, request a consultation with legal ethics and risk prevention lawyer George R. Clark.


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