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Whether you need a qualified advisor to evaluate conflicts of interest or an expert witness for a malpractice case, George R. Clark is a proven resource. Since 2004, Mr. Clark's independence as a sole practitioner and his world-renowned reputation for integrity have served as crucial assets supporting extensive knowledge gained through decades of focus on ethics issues in the practice of law. With a professional background and dedication to his clients like no other, Mr. Clark is an invaluable resource for attorneys everywhere.

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About George R. Clark

George R. Clark represents other lawyers and law firms regarding ethics, professional responsibly, and the law of lawyering with respect to lawyers. After leaving his previous firm in 2004, Mr. Clark established his practice as a way to advise attorneys throughout the nation and overseas. Drawing on 35 years of hands-on experience, he provides legal opinions, serves on all aspects of legal ethics and professional responsibility, serves as an expert witness, defends lawyers in disciplinary cases, helps attorneys get admitted to the bar, and consults on matters such as conflicts of interest and disqualification.

While his focus is primarily on serving lawyers and law firms, Mr. Clark also represents clients who have had negative experiences with other attorneys. He is the Immediate Past President of the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers, the leading organization of lawyers who represent clients on ethics and related matters. He is also a member of the DC Bar Legal Ethics Committee and served for three years as chair of the DC Bar's Rules of Professional Conduct Review Committee.


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